Sunday, 22 February 2009

Help Needed-Second Set of Images

My second set of images will consist of the stereotypes mixed up with locations.  However i am struggling to cut it down to one images from each, I have an idea of which ones to pick but it would be good to get other peoples opinions.  There are more on the flickr as well (link on the side of my blog) if you think none of these are suitable.  In the set i am going to have one image of the hippy, one of the goth and one of the chav.  This is the set that i may alter after my shoot on tuesday.
So, i am going to number the images and if people could put their favourites in the comments section that would be extremely helpful! It will either clarify my initial thoughts or throw in some other interesting ideas!




Final Images

So for the exhibition i am going to produce two sets of images, one set of 3 and one set of either 3 or 4.  I still have one shoot left to do so i may need to add in those photos.  I have come up with a few quite different options for displaying these two sets of images but all with be revealed at a later stage...!
The first set of images will be three that i took in my garden (see below) if anyone thinks there are others on my flickr that would be better please say!

Friday, 20 February 2009


I am struggling to decide how many photos i should get print, which ones etc!! Any suggestions or just feedback on people favourites would be very helpful!!

Thursday, 12 February 2009

Chav vs. Art Gallery

This morning i went up to the castle art gallery to take some pictures as a chav! I was fairly pleased with them, i think i prefer the photos that i took of the chav in the garden, maybe because they are in your face.  Here are three of my favourites...

Wednesday, 11 February 2009


Have a look at my flickr, the rest of the photos are on there and let me know if you prefer any of the others!!!

Straight Portraits

As well as doing each stereotype in an odd location i thought whilst i was dressed up i would do a basic straight portrait of each in my garden!  I think for some of the characters these have really worked, but for others they haven't! Conveniently though the ones that i think worked just in my garden are the ones that i didn't feel worked in their own locations and vice versa.  

I now have a least one photograph of each stereotype that i love, whether that be in my garden or in another location.

Here are a few of the portrait from my garden that i feel work.....

Goth vs. Tanning Salon

Similar to the Hippy Photos i felt these came out very well and the best so far.  They have a closer crop which i prefer and i love the UV light from the sunbed (hopefully it's obvious its a sunbed!)
There are lots of these that i love and that i think really work but here are just a few...


I was really impressed with the Hippy photos! The tighter frame works a lot better, although i hope it's obvious i'm meant to be a hippy!  Here are some of my favourites, the rest are on Flickr...

Thursday, 5 February 2009

So far...

So, so far i have done some shots being dressed up as a geek and a skater.  I am quite pleased with how these came out but would quite like some comments so i can go back and refine them! I know i need to work of the focus and the framing of the person, just starting to get the hang of self-portraits and being in two places at once!! 
I think the ones i have planned for next week will be more interesting and better than these ones.  Coming up we still have a goth, chav, hippy and posh person, you'll just have to wait and see where they're going to be!

Meditating Skater